March 21, 2014

What to make during a blizzard…

Chillin' Chili                                      

Dutch oven

2 pounds ground beef (or substitute ground turkey)
1 large onion
4 gloves garlic, finely chopped
2 cans whole tomatoes, undrained (28 oz. each)
1/8   teaspoon cayenne pepper (hot, so use sparingly)
4 teaspoons ground cumin
4 teaspoons dried oregano leaves 
1/2   teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon chili seasoning
1/8 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
4 cans of beans in any combination: red kidney, pinto, black  (15 oz. each)

Place ground beef, onion and garlic in le creuset (heavy cast iron pan)*.  Cook until beef is brown; drain (if necessary).

Stir in whole tomatoes, breaking up with metal spatula as they simmer.

Add herbs and spices and continue the simmer over low heat for an hour.  Continue to break up tomatoes with spatula as necessary.

Last of the dried oregano from the  garden

Add semi sweet chocolate chips.

Stir in beans.  Heat to slow boil; reduce heat.  Simmer uncovered, stirring mixture occasionally, until desired consistency, about 30 minutes.

Add some (non GMO)* tortilla/corn chips for dipping.

Ingredient insight:  *NON GMO Project Verified:

*Found mine for a fraction of the cost at a discount store - not the prettiest color and had a chip on the outside, but I love the price and use it at least twice a week during the cold New England months.  (Le Creuset Home Page)

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